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             The marvels of science and technology has led us to a very important discovery: smartphones. In fact, the invention of smartphones could possibly be the most important discovery in the century. Aside from other gadgets, smartphones are definitely the talk of the town by many technology and gadget fans alike. So how did it all begin? There was a time when a university drop-out thought it would be a great idea to combine all possible items including watch, a PDA, a hand phone and a camera into one easy, portable hand-held device. The first smartphone ever invented was the iPhone, where Steve Jobs achieved this, and created a life-changing touch-sensitive device.

             As time moves on, more and more companies started to follow in the footsteps of Jobs, and started producing smartphones with various designs and features to compete with each other in the ever growing market worldwide. Some of these phones are sold at very cheap and affordable prices, allowing people from various backgrounds the chance to own their very own smartphone. Status quo shows that currently, 60% of the worldwide population are using the smartphone for various uses. Why is this gadget such a hit? First of all, it is very portable and easy to bring around. The standard size of a smartphone is around 13 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide, perfect to tuck in your pocket or handbags.Despite the compact size, it is very handy in terms of communication, utilities and sharing precious moments with friends. There are thousands of applications that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, ranging from social applications, games and even applications for educational purposes.

             What are the benefits that we can gain from smartphones? Obviously, smartphones are by far the best way to communicate with our peers. Besides calling using the standard data, WiFi has made it possible for us to contact friends and family without having to spend a single cent by using apps such as Whatsapp, Wechat and Kakaotalk. Smartphones area also a great way to catch up with the latest issue worldwide. Long gone are the days when we had to wait for the television or the radio to announce any event or news. Everything is now at the tip of our own fingers. Some of the countries have also started using smartphones as an addition in classrooms at school. Schools in Singapore for instance, use smartphones to give assignments and homework to the students through e-mail. This has undoubtedly cut down the usage of paper, simultaneously, reducing the logging and manufacturing of trees.

               On the other hand, there has been some setbacks and arguments over the harms that smartphones could bring. The proliferation of smartphones has brought up quite a number of issues and ongoing debates over how this piece of technology has limited our interaction with each other. Ironically, while we are interacting online through our smartphones, we tend to ignore and block out the people surrounding us, making the society anti-social. Coffee shops and restaurants that used to be bustling with energy of the people talking, laughing, sharing stories with each other are now unusually passive and somber, with people hogging the free WiFi offered by the premises. It is absolutely sad how even families rarely talk to each other nowadays. Smartphones have also created worldwide trends and phenomenons such as selfies, “food porn” and many more. Did you know, that since 2014, the word ‘selfie’ was officially announced as an official English word in the Oxford Dictionary? Needless to say, the impact of smartphones are absolutely overwhelming. People are becoming more and more individualistic and are sharing with other people every single activity in their daily lives, even common activities such as walking the dog, or watering the plants. As teenage girls nowadays would say, “OMG, TMI” (TMI stands for too much information). Classy.

                 I couldn’t agree more that absence makes the heart grow fonder. How wonderful it would be if people continued to act like they used to years ago. How they would greet each other when anyone passes by. Children would go out and actually carry out a physical activity by playing with their peers at the park, or at the playground. Conversations that used to be focused on each other’s well beings and pictures that used to be taken on special occasions only, not everyday self-portraits that only serves to show other people how ‘wealthy’  you are or how ‘beautiful you look with that brand new Naked Palette’ . Nowadays, people treat each other like trash, I would choose to say. They downgrade others to their own liking, creating in their own stereotypical and narrow minded mind a  benchmark for what they call a “normal and happy lifestyle”. It is no longer surprising to see toddlers as young as 3 or 4 year-old hobbling along with a smartphone, as even their parents could no longer be bothered to entertain them and keep them company. How I pity them, I really do.

             Everyone, open your eyes and look at the beautiful world we have been gifted! Put your phones down and look deep into the eyes of those whom you love, before they are taken from you forever and you are left with nothing but a rectangular screen for you to stare at, empty, cold and void of any forms of life. Go out and bask in the morning sun while you still can and stop being bothered and flustered by the number of likes, that some people chose as a measure of their popularity and acceptance in the society. The number of likes you get, do not equal to your self worth. You are more than that. Much, much more. Stop living in the world of pretend, and start living in the real world. 🙂

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