Here is our very own Ainul Afifi’s masterpiece which she wrote during the Mid-Year examinations 😀 Enjoy~

  1. Directed Writing

The Silent Killer

(By: Geronimo Stilton)

I knew this was not the perfect time for another creepy story. That would have to wait for October 31st. Ironic, it was just the start of spring back in Manchester, another monotonous humid day over here in Malaysia. As I peered out the windowsill, I watched as the sunset silhouette inched millimeter by millimeter over the grotesque city they called Kuala Lumpur… and the ‘Hunger Games’ began. Your silent killer could be anywhere.

How absurd, that this funny silent killer could not be seen but felt. It canseep into your nostrils penetrating every living cell – who could almost scream of agony… you guessed it. Haze is the culprit; the very old enemy that used to spark tensions between President Joko Widodo and Dato’ Najib way back in 2013… the enemy within. It silently “laughs” at those who got strangled in its asthma attacks, coughing their way to heart failure, with every strife. It is the one that causes mischief, irritating people’s eyes, nose and throat to what seemed like eternity.

Alas! Dear haze, be prepared to be amazed by the uprising of the innocent, those who have been slayed as your victims… it is high time for the civilised citizens to put a finger on this everlasting issue; remember, it all starts within. Your very own self-defense! It is always better for you to be productive even though you stay indoors. Hence, it is best for you to exercise indoors, coupled with regular showers to avoid falling sick. This is also to maintain a clean and healthy personality even within your own vicinity.

Furthermore, in order to avoid unfathomable risks from the unprecedented haze, be sure to wear a mask ~ even if it makes you look like Darth Vader… Unless you want the haze to clandestinely choke you to death first! Therefore, try to avoid outdoor activities since the lethal dust and microorganisms could be everywhere as far as the eye can see within the closest proximity.

In extension to that, it is of utmost importance for you to continue a healthy lifestyle in terms of daily habits. Be reminded to eat balanced food as well as drink plenty of water most of the time. Perhaps it could be a lot better if you use an air-conditioned room and avoid smoking; the closest cousin of haze… Habits do affect a large portion of your life besides shoving away barbaric (unhealthy) life choices.

On the other hand, environmental organisations also play an integral role apart from individual concern. The precedence of bilateral agreements and treaties between ASEAN nations in the struggle to combat haze problems has already shown positive credence towards a better environmental friendly nation. Remember how the Kyoto Protocol has been an effective ‘nudge’ for Japan in order to prevent environmental negligence? I sincerely believe it is high time individuals as well as corporations, to get together as one “voice.”

Dear readers, the environment is our Mother Nature. However, her maternalistic features are also defenseless at the same time… if no one was there to defend her. Never let this silent killer stampede her mercilessly. It is everyone’s pure love and moral obligation to nip the problem in the bud by not allowing open burning to take place unanimously… Prevention is always better than cure.



**Don’t ask me how she wrote all this during an exam ._. Pure talent**

-Admin M ❤