He possesses the facial features of an angel. His eyes are hazel brown and his eyelashes are long and heavy. His eyebrows thick and black, they look like the eyebrows of a famous Japanese cartoon character called Shin Chan. A jawline as sharp as a razor is one of the best facial features that he owns. His looks are not the only thing that made me drawn to him like iron pins attracted to a magnet. He happens to be the school’s athlete and performed very well in his academics. Adam is an eye candy and every girl in school wished he was their’s.

Last Friday evening, I sat on one of the benches nearby the school’s track just to get some fresh air. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of heaven. It was Adam. I locked my eyes on him from afar as he was jogging. He looked pale and sweaty as he worked his leg muscles as quick as lightning. I thought that maybe he could be Usain Bolt’s replacement in the future. I decided to buy him a bottle of water as he walked towards the bench that I was sitting.

“Here,” I said, handing him a bottle of Spritzer mineral water.

“Thanks. You’re Chanel, aren’t you?” he asked, as he flashed a smile that lighted my whole world.

“That’s right,” I answered him, and smiled as I could not help myself. “I should go now, it’s getting really late. See you later, Adam.”

“Bye Chanel.” he said as we go our separate ways back home.

“That was the only conversation I had with Adam.” I told Katy as she looked at me and listened to everything I said about Adam. Katy flashed her sweetest smile and told me that it is not abnormal to be head over heels for a guy in our age.

“We are teenagers growing up and we make countless mistakes, right?” She says.

“Right.” I agreed and continued to munch on my lunch. The school’s cafeteria was getting really loud, it was starting to get on our nerves.  We quickened on finishing up our meal so we can leave. Just as I wiped my mouth with a napkin, I felt a touch on my shoulder. I turned my head 45 degrees and looked. It was Coby, Adam’s bestfriend. “This is a really odd thing for Coby to do.” I thought.

“It’s Adam. He wants to see you and he’s in the hospital,” Coby said, panting as he looked at me in the eye. He looked worried.

“Come with me.” he added.

I instantly got up, followed Coby out of the cafeteria and walked quickly to his car. As I got into his car, he started the engine and drove off. We were heading to the St Patrick’s Hospital which was located a few kilometres away from school. My heart was racing and my mind was  filled with questions about Adam. What happened to him? Is he all right? Did Adam fall sick? It was just last week when I last saw him..

“We’re here.” Coby said.

I followed him heading to Adam’s room. When we were there, Coby insisted on staying outside while I go and see Adam. I twisted the doorknob slowly so I would not make any noise. As I entered the room, my mind went crazy on what to say to Adam. We have never talked much and what was there to say?  When I saw him, I was aghast. His legs were straightly laid on bed and his right leg was wrapped with a bandage. He also had a broken arm. He looked really bad as if he was suffering from a serious disease. As I walked closer to him, he opened his eyes and looked at me. He contracted his facial muscles and smiled. Despite his condition, his smile still made my heart skip a beat.

“Hey,” I said softly.

“Hey,” he murmured. “I’m sorry I look appalling. I was involved in an accident yesterday,” he continued weakly. “I just wanted to thank you again. You know, for that drink after my training.”

“Oh it’s no big deal, really.” I told him.

“Could you keep me company here today? Coby’s out to get some food.” He asked.

My eyes widened. This was a golden ticket to get to know Adam better. There was no way I would reject this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Sure.” I said, keeping it simple and nice, hiding my excitement inside. I imagined fireworks continuously playing in my head. Adam’s condition was terrifying. There were still blood stains on his white shirt. Despite that, his smile is still contagious that it makes tears roll down my cheeks as it has always been, his laugh still lightens up my day and his presence still makes my heart race faster than a racing car.