There are screen shots of the disease list as well as the soft copy just in case you would like to paste it in ur notes and edit some emojis to it;


-liver severely damaged
-forced to break down high amount of alcohol ➡️ Fatty acids
-contributes liver tissue damage, formation of fibrous scar tissue 

💉 Peptic ulcer 

-excess secretion of HCL and pepsin
-presence of helicobacter pylori (bacteria) in stomach
-➡️cancer (H.pylori) 


-epithelial lining of stomach is inflamed
-stomach lining is covered with lining of mucus
-gastric juice is secreted whenever the person is hungry
-if there’s ❌🍚🍜 then the gastric juice will react with the epithelial lining 
of stomach wall
-damage to stomach lining
-may ➡️ gastric ulcer
-excess alcohol 🍷 and stress 😩 can damage stomach lining
-taking aspirin 💊 and pain relievers can inflame stomach
-treatment : antacids to neutralize stomach acids


– excess storage of energy in form of fats
-lack balance between food intake➕energy expenditure
-➡️cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus

💉Anorexia nervosa

-intense fear of gaining weight
-refrain from eating 😷
-lose of fat and muscles
-disrupt functions of heart💔 endocrine and reproductive system 

💉Bulimia nervosa

-eat huge amount of food in a short time 😋🕛🕐
-purging immediately
-injury to digestive tract/kidney damage/cardiovascular disease


-blood clot(thrombus) 
-blockage at artery


-thrombus circulates in blood circulation, it forms an embolus
-embolus trapped in small artery, causes blockage


-coronary artery partially blocked
-chest pains

💉Heart attack

-supply of oxygen to heart is blocked ♥️✖️


-blockage of blood to brain 
-embolus block blood flow to the brain


-tissue swelling
-accumulation of interstitial fluid that is unable to return to blood


-edematous disease
-caused by filarial parasitic worms🐛
-transmitted by mosquitoes🐝
-worms live in lymphatic vessels
-causes blockage


-abnormal sideway curvature of spine at thoracic region
-treatment : body braces or surgery


-bone mass reduced
-porous, lighter
-old people/ menopause
-women do not produce sex hormone: estrogen🚼
-bone becomes soft and brittle
-treatment : weight bearing exercise, diet rich in calcium phosphorus vitamin D,🍼
refrain from smoking🚬🚭

💉Muscular dystrophy

-is the degeneration of muscles
-muscles enlarge owing to deposits of fats and connective tissue
-so, the muscle fibers degenerate and become small
-inherited disease at X chromosome 
-affect the legs upwards, then chest and neck
-difficult to breathe and suffocate
-treatment : inject steroids to improve strength of muscles


-inflammation or degeneration of joints


-cartilage breaks down due to wear and tear
-old people normally 👴👵

💉Rheumatoid arthritis

-inflammation of synovial membrane of joints
-at fingers, wrists, ankles, feet 


-accumulation of excess protein
-protein becomes uric acid
-deposition of uric acid in joints

💉Concussion 😴

-bruise-like injury of the brain

💉Spinal cord injuries

-spinal cord is cut or crushed ✂️
-results in paralysis

💉Alzheimer’s disease

-loss of memory and intellectual ability 📈📊
-shrinkage of brain tissue
-lack of neurotransmitters (acetylcholine) 
-can be inherited

💉Parkinson’s disease

-tremors and weakness of muscles
-reduced level of neurotransmitters (dopamine)
-caused by hardening of cerebral arteries
-not hereditary
-treatment : Levodopa


-enlargement of thyroid gland
-iodine deficiency
-too little thyroxine produced causes thyroid gland to enlarge

💉Cretinism 👦👧

-lack of thyroxine 
-➡️mental retardation and dwarfism

💉Hypothyroidism 👨👩

-lack of thyroxine
-➡️enlarged thyroid gland, slow heart beat rate, fatigue, weight gain


-too much thyroxine
-enlarged thyroid gland, rapid heart beat rate, nervousness, hand tremor, weight loss

💉Gigantism 🙀

-too much growth hormone


-too little growth hormone

💉Diabetes insipidus

-lack of ADH
-large volume of urine excreted
-body loses too much water💦💧


-too much ADH
-accumulation of excess fluid in body

💉Diabetes type I

-little or no secretion of insulin
-before age 15
-treatment : inject insulin

💉Diabetes type II

-after age 40
-cells cannot respond to insulin
-treatment : diet/exercise but, still inject insulin
-menstruation stops
-slowly produce less progesterone and estrogen 🚼
-hot flushes, mood changes, sleeping problems, hair loss, weight gain

👲Down’s syndrome

-abnormal number of autosomes
-has 3 chromosomes 21 (trisomy 21) 
-47 chromosome (2n + 1)
-results in non-disjunction during meiosis
-fail to separate during anaphase I and II
-slanted eyes😑, protruding tongue😋, short palms👐, mentally retarded😜


-sex linked hereditary
-recessive allele on X chromosome
-blood clots very slowly due to lack of blood clotting factors
-problem to clot (no clotting factor VIII)
-may die due to excess bleeding
👀colour blindness
-sex linked hereditary
-unable to see difference in colours
-normally red-green colour blindness
-recessive allele on X chromosome

👪Hereditary disease

-due to defective genes on autosomes
-➡️albinism, sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis
-due to sex linked genes
-➡️haemophilia, colour blindness, Duchenne muscular dystrophy

👯Turner’s syndrome

-absence one sex chromosome
-45 (44 + XO) 
-most females
-characteristics 🙍 swollen feet when born, poor breast development
    no menstruation

🙇Klinefelter’s syndrome

-extra X chromosome
-47 (44 + XXY)
-most males
-characteristics 👄 male breasts, less muscular, infertility/small penis


-lack of melanin in eyes, skin, hair 🙇
-may have vision problems
-sensitive to UV rays☀
-treatment➡️ wear sunscreen, cover up completely👒👟👘
  -wear sunglasses (UV protected)👓
Credits; Amani