Technology – Good or Evil?


             Technological advancements are reshaping the world drastically and play a pivotal role in transforming the human society. Looking at the environment filled with modern technologies that intertwined with our lives today makes me wonder as to what extent technology may evolve further in the future? Would it lead to good or evil? Before I proceed any further, we have to look on both sides of the coin. There is always good and evil on both sides. We have to always apply some moderations on any endeavor without going overboard as it may lead to serious repercussions in the future.


              While revising a few topics in history, I realize that life of a common man those days was not as easy as that of modern times. I am blessed with knowledge at my fingertips, real-time interactions with fellow family and friends, increased productivity and faster mode of transportations. Today, technological advancement and modern infrastructure is moving at a very fast pace, utilizing the natural resources.  All of a sudden, the positive flow of thoughts on technology was put to a halt. I suddenly wonder and curious as I do not know how the next generation will survive when all the natural resources has been depleted. Is this the legacy that we plan to pass to our children? I know that all of us should set a positive thinking in mind but there is nothing wrong with establishing measures to preserve earth precious natural resources. We should start by inculcating awareness on the importance of preserving natural resources from now. The government’s moves toward offering tax incentives for green technology and utilizing recycled-based material to build technological devices would certainly help in managing depleting natural resources.


              Living in Cyberjaya, the city where everybody think of technology as a boon to society, I have come to learn that technology may not completely, in fact a ‘boon’. For example, the misuse of Internet from viewing of illicit internet materials and hooking up with new acquaintance from the cyberspace has led to many of social illness like prostitutions, lazy society and various felony.  Additionally, on a less severe note, technology has also reshaped they way people interacts, with most people spending all their time interacting online nowadays, depriving mankind of the warmth of personal contact and bonding session.


               On the other hand, technology also has its own merits. Advancement in mode of transportation and infrastructure has proven to be upgraded from generation to generation. This is evidenced by the observations that previous generations resorted to using rivers and streams to go from one place to another whilst the current generation is blessed with various mode of transportations (cars, airplane, and ships) supplemented by state-of the art infrastructure that is made from concrete and tars, known as highway, proven to improve the world’s productivity. But, these do not come as free. Motor vehicles and advancement in technology produce pollution such as carbon monoxide that is harmful not only to us, but also to our environment, which can deplete the ozone layer.


           In conclusion, technology is a two-edged sword, which plays a positive pivotal role in human life with unintended repercussions.  Without the facilities of technology, our lives would be more difficult. However, having heavily dependent on those technologies may lead to adverse consequences as well. We are in a serious need for an alternative green technology, which is environmental friendly. Pending the discovery of alternative technology, we have to strike a balance and come out with a formula on energy conservation and utilization so that we can create a better place to live in.

Credits; AlyaA