haunted house

The wind was gentle but chilly in the midst of the night. Reynold, Beca, Skylar and I were doing absolutely nothing! We had just finished the Harry Potter movie marathon and now we were feeling completely at lost. I was just about to doze off when Reynold suddenly shouted “I’ve got an idea!”. Feeling suddenly energized, I asked him what it was. “Let’s go to the house on 24th street!” said Reynold all excited. Our jaws dropped as soon as we heard his supposed-to-be great idea. Everyone knew the house on 24th street but no one had ever been brave enough to actually set foot there. Legend had it that the house used to be a funeral home in the olden days. Beca and Skylar shook their heads furiously at the thought of the house on 24th street.

“It’s just a legend! How could you believe something as ridiculous as that?” whined Reynold who was getting bored by the minute. He tried hard to persuade us to nuckle under his idea. After his endless rants, we finally agreed to go to the house even though it was already 2 a.m. in the morning. We packed up a few things and started walking mindlessly towards the “haunted house”.  Truth be told, I was a scaredy cat and I had every intention to run as fast as I could back to my house. My intentions were put to a halt by Reynold’s dare of staying overnight in the house. Shivers ran down my spine just by looking at the sight of the eerie house. After exchanging looks with one another, we recited a silent prayer and moved closer towards the house. I definitely had a bad feeling about how things were going.

The front door was slightly ajar so it made things easier for us as we did not have to break down any doors. The house was pitch-black when we entered. Beca tried to find the switch to turn the lights on but to no avail. To our surprise, there was no light switch at all. I could see Skylar backing away slowly as he was so scared and it actually delighted me a little. We decided to separate into our own ways to discover the house even more. It all seemed like a good plan until we were all walking alone in the dark. Such a ridiculous idea and all thanks to Reynold! I was getting tired and emotional of the dark and so I did what every other teenager would do- I took out my camera and began taking pictures in order to use the light from the camera flash to guide the way. It seemed to work because I managed to see where I was going until suddenly a figure appeared before me!

I screamed as loud as I could and dropped my camera. Skylar came rushing into the room followed by Reynold and Beca. I started telling them what had happened and handed them my camera as proof of the figure I saw. What happened next made my knees weak and my heart pound faster than a bullet train. The pictures inside the camera were pictures of me- all of them. I had one thought and one thought only; I needed to get out of the house as quickly as possible. We were just about to leave when it started raining cats and dogs. Oh great, how perfect could the night get? We were having doubts about staying until morning but we were also having doubts about walking in the rain at the time of night. We all made the courageous decision of staying together in the house for the night.

We could not get any sleep because of all the eerie noises we heard. It kept waking us up. We ended up ransacking the whole house to find out what really happened there throughout the olden days. We found no evidences of what had happened in the house but we did find an article about three teenagers that were found dead inside that very house. The reason behind their deaths was still a mystery up until today. Beca, Skylar and Reynold decided to call it a night and went downstairs to sleep. Being the brave one all of a sudden, I continued ransacking the house in hope to find out more about those three teenagers. What a tragic death could that have been for them.

I woke up to the sound of non-stop banging on the front door. Feeling a little light-headed, I hurriedly opened the front door of the house which was suprisingly locked. I was astonished to find two police officers before my very eyes. They told me that they had heard loud noises and the sound of people screaming for help. I explained that it was probably the sound of the four of was screaming while we were scared out of our wits last night. The officers exchanged looks of confusion among them. They told me to stay outside while they searched for Reynold, Beca and Skylar inside the house. A few moments later, they came out and told me something that sent shivers all through my body.

“The house is empty, miss. It has been empty all night long. You are the only one there throughout the night.” said the elderly police officer.

He then showed me the CCTV recording of the house throughout the night. I was baffled. Did I go inside the haunted house with my friends or with my “friends”?