Another SPM tips for writing essays is incorporating your essays with what you had already knew and learnt. For example, use the facts and uncommon words you learnt in Chemistry, Biology, Science, Physics and many more.This is a good practice because you can write good essays as well as practicing what you had learnt. In this case, I used the facts from History and interpreted it into a story with a touch of Biology and Science. Let’s see how it’s put together. 😀


The wind was gentle but chilly. The howling of the wind frightened me as the cold grey afternoon with a dull sky threatened to rain. The hair behind my neck raised as I heard a loud bang from my west side. There it was again. I was five when the World War I ended and at that time, I thought it was the denouement of war as we were finally at liberty. Reflecting my maturity at that age, I was totally naive. I had no idea of the imminent danger that was yet to knock on our doors.

At the age of twenty-six, I met another war called the World War II. It was extremely cruel and tragic. My family and I lived in a small hut where you could only see dull colours surrounding it. There were insurmountable rocky mountains bordering our home. Dad said it was to protect us from the armies of the antagonists. We never got the chance to go out and walk freely from that cramped and wretched hut.

One day, our home – if I could ever call it a home – was ambushed by the Nazis and all I could say was it was a terrible incident. Abhorrence blossomed in me in every awful sight I had to witness. If only the Germans had not breached the multilateral Versailles Agreement, I would not have to behold the sight of my brothers and sisters being slaughtered mercilessly. If only the Russians did not come up with the communists ideology, I would not have to walk pass those reek and decaying corpses. If only the Italians did not intrude my beloved country, France, I would not have to starve to death. If only I had not been abused and molested, I would still believe in the existence of love and peace in this world.

Caged inside a confined room with a few other female captives, I was ready to meet my family in the heavens. I could not take it anymore. One more beating and I know i would be joining the corpses. Suddenly, the only door that connected us to the outside world opened and the bright lights almost blinded my eyes as my retina was used to pitch black. We were carried out by some guys and I thought we were being transferred to another location like we used to. However, those guys had different uniforms from the normal soldiers and they seemed peculiar but my energy was too drained to think any more so I just shut my eyes and waited for what would be my fate.

As my eyes flickered open, the first thing I noticed was the sting when a woman, covered with cloth from head to toe, dabbed some liquid on my bruises. Then, I noticed that I had worn new fresh clothes which were almost similar to the woman only that I did not have the head coverings. A man came and as he recognised me, he gave me the greatest present I could ever ask for in my whole life. A smile. He said something to the woman and I just stared at their body gestures. The man looked up at me once again and walked away after giving me another one of his sweet smile.

The woman came back with some bread and warm milk and I ate with gusto as soon as I had the plate in my hands. I was tremendously starving. I saw pity painted all over her face and I suddenly realised of how rude I was. I got up on my feet and thanked her with all my heart as droplets of crystal clear tears ran down my cheeks. She hugged me sincerely and that was the first time that I felt the iceberg in my heart melting away to form streams of rivers. My eyes could finally witness the beauty of this life that I had been longing for since forever.

I discovered that the people that had been taking care of me were the Muslims. They rescued Jews and other innocent victims by giving them fake Muslim IDs and hid the in the Mosque of France. Their love and care shone back my world and decorated it with delightful colours. I reckoned the woman, Fatima, as my own mother as she taught me a lot of things. I also learnt to love again as I got butterflies every time I saw the face of the man who saved me from the horror who was named Yusuf. I had a wonderful life living amongst them but the happiness didn’t stay for long. Bang! I was covered in blood. Fatima’s blood was all over me and as I looked up, Yusuf was on top of me, protecting me from the bullets.

I sprang up inhaling plentiful oxygen into my lungs to provide oxygen into my blood as it quickly transport the oxygen to all parts of my body that were in a state of oxygen deficiency. My heart was pounding as fast as the drum rolls on the snare drum. Cold sweat ran down my forehead. As my adrenaline levelled down, I realised it was all just a dream of mine. I chuckled to myself but I could not believe how realistic it felt. I just went back through time! I guessed that was the side effect from burning the midnight oil last night cracking the history book.

*The facts I used are based on research.*

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