This is an example of directed writing in a form of article. Can you list out the format of an article? Make sure that you know because marks from format could help you in your exams. Another tip is that you could include dialogues and punctuation marks to attract the examiners’ attention though they are not crucial but good suggestion. So in this essay, Ainul Afifi included dialogues, lots of punctuation marks, transitional words and uncommon words just to give the examiners a ‘wow’ factor.

♦Format for an article is the title and by-line. And the others which are stated the in the requirements of the question.

A Diamond in The Rough 

By: Phoebe Daphne

            “A man who moved the mountains started off by carrying small stones”, goes the infamous Chinese proverb. This simple but splendid saying has become inherently coherent with the souls of preseverant; an everyday reflection of how hardship comes with ease. To some, thi expression could have been ambiguous … but not until our very own notoriuos Khairy bin Azman proved otherwise.


Khairy – initially misconceived as an introvert by many, revolutionised that viscious stereotype into his very own hidden strength; as if he had some special “power” yet to be descovered. He spiralled from the “timid boy” (or so we thought) into one of the top-leading and most influential students in school, hence putting himself in the limelight as Head Prefect of Berkeley High. This has been totally out of the norm to see how an average student could make his way to the top of the world! Of course, inquisitive minds would be full of the same qualm: “How did he manage to achieve the once-in-a-lifetime Excellent Student Award?”


When interviewed by the editorial team, his response was simple ~ “I had full assurance in the heart; ‘faith’, in short”. That was when we found out his strong confidence and will power brought him forth, superceding familiar names, who used to be engraved in our minds. Now, “Khairy bin Azman” is the most frequently uttered name in school. He knew that one is only as strong as what one thinks he is.


Being academically excellent as a top scorer, who aced his SPM trials with flying colours, he is also ardently active in tennis as well as keeping a fetish for reading and painting. Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, isn’t it? He has proven himself a goody two shoes when he won the recent Bookworm Award, given out by our beloved Mrs. Stancliff, founder of the renown International Berkeley Library which was afficiated two years ago. He believed in what Dr. Seuss said, “The more books you read, the more places you’ll go”.


By virtue of being a school debater, he has an edge in communicating skills, apart from his tenacity in a myriad of interests and cocurricular involvements. In fact, he has even represented Malaysia in the World Public Speaking Competition held in Australia with the legendary Best Speaker Award to be proud of. Khairy has also spread his wings in the performing arts arena when he won the Best Actor Award in drama competition held in Chicago, beating many famous child actors and actresses at his age. In conjuction with that, he has also made our school proud by advancing to the finals of the National Dato’ Wira Tournament for three consecutive years!


It is undoubtedly true and avid that Khairy bin Azman portrays a friendly and caring complexion most of the time, contrary to popular belief that he is “just another diamond in the rough”. With the good looks he acquires, he might even make the girls fall head over heels with him before you know it! This understanding, helpful and dedicated boy of a golden heart would surely be the perfect epitome of “Excellence”. Succinctly, he believes that nothing is impossible and aspires to be a legend and a role model for future generations to follow. So, do not be surprised if our next diplomat would be Khairy bin Azman …wasn’t he familiar to you in school back then?

Lots of love, Admin K ♥