I just had my graduation last month but it played back in my head as if it was just yesterday as I just received a job in the JYP company as their accountant. I worked enthusiastically since that was my very first career. At the end of the month, when I received my pay, I met the most perfect creature in the world. His appealing aroma was the first to grab my attention as his scent diffused through my nostrils, making the hairs behind my neck stood upright. He had an Olympian’s flat chest as vast as the horizon making me feel like a miniature. He always had dazzling eye colours that matched his outfits. When he was in blue, his eyes were meltwater-blue. When shades of green wrapped him, he had smaragdine green pair of jewels. Whenever he wore red, he had two pools of red wine as his iris.

Same facial expressions would be painted on his face every single time you caught a glance of him. So sweet. So innocent. You could be hypnotised by him whatever gender you are as he was like an enigma, making you lost in confusion, like an illusion. He carried the countenance of a leader and his influence was indescribable. He was more powerful that the goliath with ironclad muscles for he could gimlet through your minds and souls. He would entreat you with a debonair character and a dashing personality. Without realising, you would be staring at him from head to toe; mesmerised by his magnificent designs. He was very lovable and he had the power to make you loved by others too.

I worked so hard in improving myself for years just to be a magnet to attract him. Thankfully, with much sweat and tears, I succeeded in conquering him. I had never felt so alive before this – getting him under my arms. I would never feel that I had too much of him. We had done so many things together but my favourite memory with him is every time we went shopping together. Normal humans with XY chromosomes would never like to go shopping with women, not even my father. However, this hunk was different. He was special and unique. He was always sincere in following me around into every store and got me everything that I wanted. Since then, I thought that all my tears and sweat paid off.

Every second with him was very precious but it felt like our relationship was brittle. My conscience often whisper into my ears that my man would be snatched away. I felt secure when he was around but something made me felt like I was in jeopardy. I was always insecure of him being faithful to me as my imagination ran wild of any possibilities. However, it turned out to be a plot twist in our story. I was the one who became the person with a knife in my hands, stabbing him from behind. I had a huge debt with the loansharks so I had no choice to give him away. It hurt me real bad even with the thought of him taken away from me so one day, I decided that if I could not have him, no one could. I left the stove on for some time so that the gas would diffuse throughout our home. Lying down with him scattered on my bed in different colours made the edge of my lips to curl up. Having a last glance at him, I lit the match in my hand and everything went ‘BOOM!’. No other hand could touch my precious money as it burnt with me.

Could you guess the question of this essay?

It’s ‘Money’.

Love, Admin K♥