This was written when we had a test but I had made some amendments.



I looked at its face and my heart melted. The bright white lights just blinded my eyes a few seconds before but what was in my arms shone brighter than the brightest stars in the sky. He was my little man. Without realising, droplets of water had already ran down my rosy cheeks like a waterfall. The excruciating pain from before faded away as I adored the small features on my baby. He was gorgeous and it felt like just the two of us there levitating in mid-air. I gave Chris soft pecks on his cheeks, his nose, his forehead; anywhere you name it. After what felt like an eternity, I noticed a figure standing right by my side. I could see that my baby Chris got his features from that tall figure.

My husband smiled at me, showing me his perfectly arranged white teeth and his eyes turned crescent-shape. He gave me a soft kiss on my forehead while his right hand wiping off my tears and his fingers felt as soft as feathers. Both of us did not move an inch as we admired what was in my womb for nine month; finally left my umbilical cord to be here in my arms. It was not long after the doctors and nurses came to congratulate us and took Chris with them to be checked up on. They had Chris cleaned and wrapped him like a pillow. I, in another room, took some rest while being wrapped in my husband’s muscular arms.

It had been five months since that meaningful day. Many came to our house to see our baby angel and they even brought him presents. I made a vow to myself that I would love Chris with all my might and I would protect him that not even a blizzard would wake him from his slumber. Both of our lives – my husband and I – had became more colourful since Chris came as he lightened every single day that we face. As they say, the more the merrier as three is better than two. We had too much happiness that we had not realise what the universe had planned for us.

As the country’s economy was rising and falling, our small family has to experience some glitches in our finance. Pressure increased day by day until one time, my husband decided to calm ourselves down and head to the beach. While we were in the car, Chris cried himself out non-stop and I tried everything to coax him. I noticed my husband’s face getting darker shades of red as time passed by when finally he burst out. We blamed each other and brought up all the petty little things that happened. During that heated quarrel of us, a bus was coming straight to us at the road junction. Crash! The momentum between the bus and our car transformed our car into a sandwich. All I could recall at that time was me shouting Chris’ name as he was no longer in my arms.

The bright white lights once again blinded my eyes only that time I was not in the labour room, instead, I was located in the Intensive Care Unit together with my husband who was covered in red liquid rubies. I remembered the sound of an ambulance, the rush in the hospital, the doctor asking the nurse for his sharp scalpel and the extreme pain that I felt when I first tried to sit upright. The first thought that came to my mind was my Chris. The doctor came to me and gave a good news that my husband only had minor injuries and that succeeded to relieve half of my worries. He said my baby was gone but I just gave him a laugh because I never knew that doctors make jokes. I guess that doctor went cuckoo. Couldn’t he see that my baby’s in my arms wrapped up like a pillow?



For those who are confused, the pillow is literally a pillow. The baby’s gone and the woman was the one going cuckoo. I hope you liked it. 🙂

Love, Admin K ♥