Now, many of us usually get confused whether to use on, at or in to depict a certain time or location. Wash your confusion away, because we have just the solution! Credits to Ms. Iylia Nadrah for sharing this with all of us during English class.


1.To express a surface of something

-The paper is on my desk.

2. Specify days and dates

-I was born on 14th of May.

3.Indicate a device or machine

-I am on the phone.

4.Indicate parts of the body

-She kissed him on the cheek.

5.Indicate the state of something

-The house was on fire

-The shoes were on sale


1. To indicate a place

-I will meet her at the clubhouse

2.Specific time

-I am going to meet her at 2.00 pm


-You can email me at

4.Indicate an activity

-I am good at drawing

-He laughed at my acting


1.Indicate a location or place

-In the eyes, in the hotel

2.Unspecific time during day, month, year, season

-In the morning, In March, In summer

3.Indicate shape, colour, size

-I bought the shirt in blue

4.Express while doing something

-In preparing for my final exam..

5.Indicate opinion, feeling, interest, belief

-I believe in Arista

-We are not interested in gambling


Hope this helps you!

ps// Happy New Year!! ❤