I know everyone is having a hard time figuring out what they want to be in the future, so I am going to share this e-mail our friend sent us to hopefully, inspire or guide you in making important decisions and choices in the future!

assalamualaikum and hi guys. how’s post spm life treating you guys? those yang dah masuk uni or nak masuk uni, congrats and have a awesome life, dont study too much and party a little bits, hahhaha. yang tak lagi, it’s okay Allah have different plans for each of us but right now we’re where He wanted us to be

okay, ada dua tiga orang tanya aku tapi pasal uni and majors plan so mind if if i took a few minutes of your lives?
ramai yang stil confuse nak ambik pre u apa, course apa yada yada yada kan?
ni advice aku lah ni opinion aku je lah.
you guys should start small. ask yourself what subject during high school that you are most drawn to that u have passion in. it doesnt matter if u suck at it because all u need is alittle push to understand something. at the end of the day, if you love something u’ll give it your all, am i right?
then ask urself where do you wanna go and why? u mana korang nak pergi? negara mana? then cari programme apa yg allow korang pergi sana. tanya diri korang asal nak pergi nagara tu. kalau sebab the ppl thensorry bitch it’s not gonna help much if the syllabus is crappy as hell. kalau aku kan, i want togo to ucla insyaAllah dekat california tapi bukan sebab aku nak party tapi sbb dekat uni tu ada banyak facilities to accomodate bidang yang aku nak study. and besides area california banyak research institute yg hebat hebat.
and then ask yourself what you like to do. do u like totalk or do you like to observe or reseach or write or capture the moment in picture or travel or live in the moment or are u a conspirator?
maybe those who like to talk can become lawyers, politician, be in the media ke lecturer ke ang like toobserve get into science ke and those yang suka menulis get into lit ke yang always have conspiracy theory become conspiracy theorist ke yang suka sports ambik sports councellor ke yang selalu skeptic pasal orang jadi prosecutor ke
then ask yourself what do you picture yourself doing after 10 or 20 years? do you picture yourself working in big ass firm or out in nature or up in air or in a lab crunch over a microscope looking at another universe or hookep up to a computer writing the life out of you?
well, yeah everyone wants to be rich but the ultimate goal is happiness. sure, money can bring you on a path closer to happiness but what’s important is doing what yoou love
so sorry if aku ada offense anyone and sorry for the grammar and the typo. i hope this could hepl those yang still blur pasal the future
i reaally hope we’ll get first in malaysia for spm and everyone gets what they want amiin so pray for me, and for all of us kay.
if anyone ada question apa apa boleh dm kat twitter ke email ke direct dekat ig ke okay
i hope i helped u guys if not a lot then a little
so assalamualaikum☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
InsyaAllah we will all be great people in the future, amin.