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May 2016

Maybank Scholarship


Assalamualaikum wbt and hi! So, you must be curious on how the journey to acquire a scholarship from Malaysia’s number 1 bank will be. Well, not to worry. Here’s a draft of my own experience 🙂

This scholarship requires you to go through three stages. Each of the stages has their own unique way of challenging you whether you are worthy of the scholarship or not. Before applying, mind you that the scholarship has two categories. In my experience, it is best to consider first the course you would like to pursue and your total household income before choosing the best category to apply as both of them have different features. You can check for more details.

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Yayasan Telekom Scholarship Camp and Interview


Assalamualaikum and hi!


Applying for the Yayasan Telekom Malaysia scholarship is quite simple as they don’t require any essays and what not. Just remember the course you applied for and your reference number that they’ll give after submitting your application.

The courses offered:

Electrical and Electronic – Computer Science – Marketing
– Communication – Information Technology – Economic
– Mechatronic – Network System & Security – Statistics
– Computer – Data Analysis – Actuarial Science
– Software and Programming

I applied for mechatronic engineering, which is a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering, which its functions focus slightly more to telecommunications. Continue reading “Yayasan Telekom Scholarship Camp and Interview”

Dana Khas Pelajar Cemerlang Ke Luar Negara Felda 2016


So entry kali ni akak2 nak buat santai” je. We alls ni cool orangnya😎
Kak L,Kak M,Kak Elsa,Kak An,Kak Ai dpt call dr FELDA utk check email. Kitorang dpt email mengatakan kami dpt offer from felda utk ke kursus kompentasi dan peperiksaan khas bagi calon dana khas pelajar cemerlang. Hikhok.

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UEM Scholarship

Hi and Assalamualaikum, I shall just skip to my experience undergoing all three stages for UEM Scholarship. Hope it helps 😀

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#throwback2014 Dunman High School Leadership Symposium

I made this video for laporan koko… Tapi tak pernah bentang…. Sebab i dah berpenat lelah so I post here :p Enjoy huhu

Bank Negara Scholarship – Kijang Academy Experience

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Bank Negara scholarship is one of the most sought after scholarships for post-SPM leavers. First of all, let me give a little bit of info on this scholarship.

There are two types of scholarships offered by Bank Negara, which is Kijang and Kijang Emas. Kijang is open to be applied by those who scored minimum of 8A in SPM (no A- allowed). The courses offered are business related and bank-related such as Economy, Accounting, Computer Science, Law and etc. You will be bonded to work at Bank Negara for Continue reading “Bank Negara Scholarship – Kijang Academy Experience”

Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Scholarship Interview

Interview Yaysan Tenaga Nasional ni terbahagi kepada dua bahagian jugak.

First part is bertulis. Tapi jangan risau, ni bukan ujian pun. Dia macam personality test and soalan pasal diri kita and kita cuma perlu jawab dengan jujur. Antara soalan dia macam “what would you do during your free time?” Jawablah dengan jujur tapi professional la 🙂 Continue reading “Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Scholarship Interview”

Yayasan Pahang Scholarship Interview

The full name of this scholarship is Yayasan Pahang- Biasiswa Kecemerlangan Menteri Besar. The interview is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 (Written Test)

First of all, you have to sit for an English test which consists of only 6 questions in 30 minutes. Some the questions were Continue reading “Yayasan Pahang Scholarship Interview”

Yayasan Peneraju Interview and Scholarship Experience

Maybe a lot of you aren’t familiar with Yayasan Peneraju so let me tell you a little bit about it. Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera (YPPB) aka Yayasan Peneraju aka YP is a new initiative under the Prime Minister’s Department that started out in 2011. There are few different type of scholarship offered which is Peneraju Tunas, Peneraju Skil and Peneraju Profesional. Peneraju Tunas is for high potential students that come from low-income household (below RM 4000).  So, I applied for the Peneraju Tunas programme which is Tunas Potensi (for those who wanted to pursue their tertiary education). Peneraju Skil is for those who wanted to become a skilled worker or semi-skilled worker (like mechanics and aircraft mechanics) while the Peneraju Professional is for those who are interested in getting a professional certificate like CAT-ACCA (for accountants). Continue reading “Yayasan Peneraju Interview and Scholarship Experience”

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