The full name of this scholarship is Yayasan Pahang- Biasiswa Kecemerlangan Menteri Besar. The interview is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 (Written Test)

First of all, you have to sit for an English test which consists of only 6 questions in 30 minutes. Some the questions were

  1. Describe your values and beliefs
  2. Your achievements and how they relate to your studies
  3. GST ( current issues )

and etc. The amount of time given is enough to answer all of the questions so take your time and if you write faster, you will be able to write longer answers. The best is though, to think through or prepare your answers beforehand so you can give better and well planned answers during the test instead of writing long paragraphs with less contents.

Part 2 (Interview)

The interview is held with 4 panels who are all administrators of Yayasan Pahang, and they are very high profiled individuals. You will be interviewed by pairs. Keep in my mind that you will have to compete with STPM students as well and you might be paired with STPM students as well. The interview is quite short, about 5 minutes because they do not ask that much questions. Some of the questions they ask is why do you want to take your course of choice and why do you deserve to receive the scholarship. You have to give very convincing questions as they will support you until your post graduate studies. If the panel asks a question in Bahasa, answer in Bahasa and if the panel asks a question in English, answer in English.

Bear in mind that YP will only sponsor 6 students, so you will really have to do your best and make yourself outstanding compared to the other candidates. Goodluck 🙂