The bar chart illustrates the value of exports and imports of a country in five respective years. Through analysing the data, we can clearly observe the disparities between the two throughout the years. These include the decreasing pattern in the value of imports, the slightly unstable export values and the significant difference in the total of both values after 24 years. These statistics will be elaborated in further detail in the next paragraph.

In only one out of the five years, the value of exports are slightly higher than the value of imports- which is in the year 1983. However, throughout the next few years the import values started to outweigh the export values and the gap between the two steadily increases as well. Starting off with a value of just less than 20 billion US dollars, import values had risen almost ten times higher until the year 2007, recording a mass amount of 100 billion US dollars. Export values experienced a large leap as well, but only rose to less than 80 billion US dollars with some minor fluctuations along the way.

Overall, the value of imports definitely skyrocketed between the years 1983 and 2007 while the export sales showed a steady increase as well.