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Ethics of Writing an Email

Hi there. Hope you guys are doing splendid. I have received a few emails from some of the readers regarding the scholarships and what annoys me the most is the lack of ethics in those emails. A lot of my friends would tell me to cut you some slack but I really hate it when people are being rude. And although the content of the emails was genuine and honest in asking about the scholarships, the way they present the questions can makes my blood boil. It was just unethical!

I know a lot of us had never learnt about email ethics back in high school but it is a very important thing to know especially since we’re living in the 21st century. You don’t want to give a bad first impression just because of your unprofessional emails.

So, I’ll share a bit on the guidance on writing an emails ( especially to the high ups, and strangers)


using abbreviation is okay when you’re communicating with your friends but when you’re sending an email to your colleagues or the management for your scholarship or even when asking help from someone, use proper language. It makes you appear much more mature. I’ve also heard a few scholarship management teams complaint about this when applicants tried to contact them via email. So, please please please use proper English/Malay/any language that you use as a medium.



This is very important. It’s common sense to do this no matter what. But sadly, a lot of  youth today don’t have the decency to do this. Introduce yourself as they don’t know who you are and  it would be easier for them to address you later on.


Just don’t. You’ll give a bad first impression. Furthermore, you’ll be treated badly. You need to remember that the one who is reading your emails are people, not some artificial intelligence. They have feeling and they can be annoyed especially if the sender is rude to them.

I am truly sorry if this post offends anyone but I think this need to be said out loud. Living in an era where communication is done more virtually than face to face, I think it is safe to say that there shouldn’t be any excuse for this kind of behaviour again.

Thank you so much for reading.


Asasi Pintar UKM

All riiiiiight peeps! Assalamualaikum 😀

You’ve heard about how to get in, now lemme tell you about what’s in Asasi Pintar. (for short we call it Aspi)

Before we start, please throw away all your thoughts about any other asasi out the window this instance because this will be no mediocre foundation of your life.

yes, throw it all away. woosh woosh

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#throwback2014 Dunman High School Leadership Symposium

I made this video for laporan koko… Tapi tak pernah bentang…. Sebab i dah berpenat lelah so I post here :p Enjoy huhu

Terima Kasih, Cikgu!

A diary for the 176 of us.

Aristabucks will have a segment called the Barista’s Diary in which parts and parcels of our everyday lives as individuals, or activities as a batch will be recorded and kept with us for the rest of our lives 🙂

Tips and info regarding SPM will still be updated from time to time, but not as frequently as before unfortunately, as many of us will be starting our pre-university lives soon.


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