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About TOEFL iBT and Sample of Marked Writing Section

What is TOEFL iBT?

TOEFL iBT is an online test used to recognize the English proficiency of an international student (whose mother tongue isn’t English) to apply to a university overseas, particularly US. The TOEFL score required is based on the university you want to apply, but generally they would want at least a 79/120 (search for the university requirements). If you are planning to apply to ivy leagues (or schools with rankings somewhere at the top) they would want to see at least a 100/120.

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The bar chart illustrates the value of exports and imports of a country in five respective years. Through analysing the data, we can clearly observe the disparities between the two throughout the years. These include the decreasing pattern in the value of imports, the slightly unstable export values and the significant difference in the total of both values after 24 years. These statistics will be elaborated in further detail in the next paragraph.

In only one out of the five years, the value of exports are slightly higher than the value of imports- which is in the year 1983. However, throughout the next few years the import values started to outweigh the export values and the gap between the two steadily increases as well. Starting off with a value of just less than 20 billion US dollars, import values had risen almost ten times higher until the year 2007, recording a mass amount of 100 billion US dollars. Export values experienced a large leap as well, but only rose to less than 80 billion US dollars with some minor fluctuations along the way.

Overall, the value of imports definitely skyrocketed between the years 1983 and 2007 while the export sales showed a steady increase as well.

word wheel


I know it’s sometimes hard for us to describe the feeling we want to put in our essays to make it more incredible. So I hope this wheel created by Kaitlin Robbs can help us make our essays more interesting and accurate.

What is the Difference Between on/at/in ?

Now, many of us usually get confused whether to use on, at or in to depict a certain time or location. Wash your confusion away, because we have just the solution! Credits to Ms. Iylia Nadrah for sharing this with all of us during English class.

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(1) Use Some Startling Information Or Fact

Ex: Topic- Teenagers And Their Problems

A recent survey on teenagers provided some food for thought for parents. It was found that about 70 percent of them smoked, 40 percent watched pornographic videos and 14 percent took drugs. Several factors have been identified as contributing to these problems. Continue reading “HOW TO START YOUR ESSAY (Teachers’ Notes)”

Continuous Writing – Money

I just had my graduation last month but it played back in my head as if it was just yesterday as I just received a job in the JYP company as their accountant. I worked enthusiastically since that was my very first career. At the end of the month, when I received my pay, I met the most perfect creature in the world. His appealing aroma was the first to grab my attention as his scent diffused through my nostrils, making the hairs behind my neck stood upright. Continue reading “Continuous Writing – Money”

Continuous Writing

This was written when we had a test but I had made some amendments.



I looked at its face and my heart melted. The bright white lights just blinded my eyes a few seconds before but what was in my arms shone brighter than the brightest stars in the sky. He was my little man. Without realising, droplets of water had already ran down my rosy cheeks like a waterfall. The excruciating pain from before faded away as I adored the small features on my baby. He was gorgeous and it felt like just the two of us there levitating in mid-air. Continue reading “Continuous Writing”

Continuous Writing

Another SPM tips for writing essays is incorporating your essays with what you had already knew and learnt. For example, use the facts and uncommon words you learnt in Chemistry, Biology, Science, Physics and many more.This is a good practice because you can write good essays as well as practicing what you had learnt. In this case, I used the facts from History and interpreted it into a story with a touch of Biology and Science. Let’s see how it’s put together. 😀 Continue reading “Continuous Writing”

Continuous writing

Here is our very own Ainul Afifi’s masterpiece which she wrote during the Mid-Year examinations 😀 Enjoy~

                                            girl abused

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