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so to all students , feel free to check this channel on youtube.

It is very useful for your studies.It might help you for some quick revision and maybe it also could help you to understand certain subjects easier.

Happy study 🙂

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Tips for Fresh Graduates and Scholarship Seekers

The importance of 5C’s (Critical Skills)

 Have you ever wondered, what does employers or sponsors look for in a candidate to invest their money in? Based on research, there are 5 main skills that makes these candidates highly sought-after, which are the 5C’s;

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Having Problem Choosing your Career?

Checkout these links!

How to study Biology, Chemistry & Physics for SPM?

by Fabian Yii, a SPM 2014 candidate, got A+ for all three pure science subjects.

BONJOUR guys! I am pretty sure that there are some of you out there who are facing much trouble or difficulties when it comes to preparing these three pure science subjects for the upcoming SPM. Just CHILLAX, dude! After all, you have come to the right place to seek help!

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SPM 2016 Tips: How to Score Straight A+’s in SPM

Who Says You’re Not Gonna Score?

by Hoe Zhan Hui [Writing Contest 2014 ★ Winner ★]


SPM Tips Straight A+

So, who said so?

All in all, I am not talking about anyone scoring a hat trick in a soccer game. I’m talking about real business! I mean, some serious study plan! Everyone wants to be somebody. I wish to score STRAIGHT A+ in SPM, you too! Now, what to do? Easy… Continue reading “SPM 2016 Tips: How to Score Straight A+’s in SPM”

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